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About Us:

Pottery Studio San Jose, better knows as Blossom Hill Crafts, was founded in 1970 by Joanne Brice. She began pottery classes with a passion for the craft, two pottery wheels, one kiln and twelve students. Today 200 students are involved in pottery making at our large well-equipped Pottery Studio San Jose.

The phenomenal growth of Pottery Classes San Jose is due to our founder’s vision. Joanne is often heard saying “I have always viewed our pottery studio as a community of people rather than a business. It’s a vehicle for sharing and creating rather than a way to achieve personal success.” This visions has shaped Pottery Studio San Jose into a thriving community of talented artists who freely share their gifts and knowledge with each other. Pottery Studio San Jose has become a mecca for creativity, experimentation and learning. Pottery Classes San Jose is great place to develop pottery making skills and discover your creative talents.

At Pottery Making San Jose you can expect excellent teachers, a lively fun environment and lots of creativity. You will definitely make some awesome pottery with your own hands. You’re also very likely to make some great new friends. Give us a try. Pick up the phone or send us an email to schedule your pottery class San Jose today.

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